2 Ways To Avoid False Alarms On Your Home Security System

12 August 2016
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If you have an alarm system that keeps going off for no apparent reason, you may end up turning it off and never using it. That is a waste of the money you spent putting it in, and can be really frustrating to you. However, there are things that you can do if you are getting regular false alarms to make sure that they stop.  Check Your Windows and Doors Read More 

Hidden Or Out In The Open? Which Video Surveillance Method To Use

9 August 2016
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If you're thinking of adding video monitoring to your home, both inside and out, you need to decide whether the cameras will be out in the open or hidden. People often use hidden cameras in order to be discreet, but openly visible cameras have their place, too. Which you choose can affect the effectiveness of the cameras and the comfort level of people who are supposed to be in your home. Read More